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TM_handsWelcome fellow Thriver!

I am feeling extra abundant today. My heart sings to help you thrive because you have important work to share with the world. 

Please select as many of the gifts you wish to receive by completing your name and email address below, and I will send you your special gift(s) or I will follow up with you about your personal Strategy Session with me.

 Three special gifts for you so you can THRIVE

Clear Your Crap to Make Room for Abundance

Listen to this powerful audio to help you clear your crap and thrive

I realized how much stuff I needed to clear to show up fully.

Tomasa, I wasn't able to get on the live call, but when I listened to it, I was in tears and it really touched me. I realized how much stuff I needed to clear to show up fully.

Sheryl Lopez of Ohio


The Vibrant Energy Flow System

Download this special track of the Vibrant Energy Flow System, the Revitalizing Energy Flow, to help you have focused energy so you can complete the business projects that help bring wealth into your life

All my symptoms are gone.

Before doing these flows daily, I found myself really sick to the point where I could not eat and would vomit right around my menstrual cycle. I would lose a day, but now I find all those symptoms gone.

Arehta Ennis

This very powerful healing art is effective and easy to do at a moment's notice!

Before working with Tomasa, I was having a hard time with low energy levels, especially in the afternoon. By utilizing Tomasa’s Vibrant Energy Flow System, I now know how to boost my energy quickly and on demand. This very powerful healing art is effective and easy to do at a moment's notice—anytime, anywhere!

Nathalie Chapron, Stylist Extraordinaire
Nathalie Chapron LLC

It's a miracle!

It's a miracle! I was losing my hair and it was thinning, but after using the Vibrant Energy Flow System my hair begin to thicken.

Myla Rosebaugh
Ask For Grace


Proliferate Your Profits Profits POW WOW Session
Apply for a Proliferate Your Profits POW WOW Session with Tomasa (valued at $500) to receive tweaks and guidance for your specific business needs


Thank you for sharing your beautiful healing-business hybrid gift with me, Tomasa, so I can keep expanding to share mine!

Tomasa is uniquely gifted in that she blends healing modalities with a solid understanding of business principles. In the process of expanding my coaching business, I experienced a block that was preventing me from freely moving forward. My breakthrough session with Tomasa was so powerful that the insights that came from just one session helped me to release old beliefs and reclaim parts of myself essential to being of greater service in the world. I found her session to be so effective because it helped me to quickly discover my own answers at such a deep level and then unify them with my current real world experience.

OMG! This is the only program I have taken so far that actually works.

Tomasa has shared her very own templates, and they work! Not only have I gotten two clients to come back into my practice, but they bought my packages, which means they have already paid for the program twice, and I'm just getting started.

Tomasa always seems to know how to help me move forward with the right fees, the right niche and the right packaging.

When I work with Tomasa, she creates a partnership, and she also sees the big picture that I sometimes cannot see for myself. When I told Tomasa what I initially was going to charge clients, not only did she balk at the rate, but she helped me step into my true value, which helped me attract more clients than I was attracting before the rate increase. I recently had a session with her where she helped me figure out my niche.

This isn't just some random thing coming out of the hat. She sat and talked with me in a relaxed environment and BAM! It’s like she heard what my soul was saying, and exactly what it is here to do. She helped me nail my niche and craft it into a 30-second spoken statement.

I am in gratitude for her keen sense of integrated business, healing, and technical skills that she served to me on a platter with Love.

Ruby Alger