Tea Topics – Ivana Siska

Opening Up Your Sensuality and Sexuality
to Manifest ALL that You Want

A Sensual Interview with the Beautiful Ivana Siska

Ivana SiskaIvana Siska is a lover of life, and it’s her absolute delight to help you become one too.

Ivana comes from a varied background of education and experience including business ownership and administration, sales and marketing, hypnotherapy, energy healing and a long and successful career in the film and television industry. Her diverse interests, skills and adventures, all contribute to the gifts, insights and wisdom she now generously shares with others in the form of intimate one-on-one consulting and coaching (or counseling) sessions, group coaching work, or even speaking to hundreds of listeners via teleconferences or webinars.

On this sensual
75-minute tea time interview, you will:

  • Find Out what makes You feel Yummy and Delicious
  • Allow yourself to embody yumminess and deliciousness without self-sabotage and losing a sense of power
  • Learn how to come from this creative space to create the life of your dreams

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