Did you miss the LIVE Tea Topics with Tomasa Interview with Cross Industries Entrepreneur, Alicia Nicole Waters?

Breathe, Birth & Receive
5 Cornerstones to Birthing Your Entrepreneurial
Endeavors with Ease, Support & Success

with Alicia Nicole Waters
Cross Industries Entrepreneur & Journalist

alicia_waters_september_2014Join us on the interview and:

    • Learn the importance of practicing receivership as your business ally
    • Master the art of Entrepreneurial Lamaze for being correctly positioned for birthing your next level of “Self” and service
    • Discover the importance of reconnecting to your “Spirit Trinity” for your business advancements
    • Discover why and how business birthing showers can advance your community-building intentions and elevate your income
    • Learn how to give birth to your business or projects with ease, and receive a desired harvest from your efforts

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