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Tea Topics with Tomasa presents its final interview:

Three 7-Figure Business Models You Can Use to Transition to the Million Dollar Level
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Thursday, December 17th, 2014 at 2p PT / 4p CT / 5p ET  

with Angela May
Lifestyle Business Expert

Join us on the interview and:

    • Learn the difference between a business model that gets easier and more leveraged as you grow (instead of more time consuming and expensive)
    •  Learn three of the top 7-figure Business Models Angela’s clients have used successfully to reach the million dollar level
    • Learn what steps to take to get on the right path immediately

Angela May  is a lifestyle business expert and founder of her own Lifestyle Marketing Consulting firm – www.AngelaMayConsulting.com .  She is one of today’s most sought after experts for entrepreneurs who want to experience high growth in their businesses without sacrificing their ideal lifestyle and time with their families.  Angela started her first six figure business at 23 years old (Lash Love) and went on to create her second start-up (Dreamlash Academy) which ultimately became an international training and distribution company.  Angela regularly provides sales and marketing advice for entrepreneurs and medium sized businesses.  Additionally, she also has a portfolio of high profile corporate clients like L’oreal Paris (Maybelline, Biotherm)mCoty Inc (Rimmel London, Sally Hansen), Estee Lauder (Smashbox Cosmetics) and Revlon (Almay).

Three 7-Figure Business Models You Can Use to Transition to the Million Dollar Level
Enter Your Name and Email Below to Receive All the Details:

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