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The Holiday Strategy to Double Your Business Income in 2014

Get your holiday strategy out soon. It’s not too late. I am reusing my holiday strategy from 2011, and I’ve already gotten 3 people signed up in just one day. Any questions or comments? Please post below and I will do my best to answer your questions during my Facebook hours.

─ Just to re-cap the steps! ─

1. Come up with an irresistible offer that your clients will want to buy for their loved ones. Yes, it’s kind of a low ball offer, but it is you being generous during the holiday season – a gift to your clientsGenerosity comes back tenfold to you…trust me!
2. Send out an email to your people letting them know that you want to make the holidays easy on them and instead of buying a loved one something that might just be dust collector, how about a session with you?
3. Enlist a few people to help you put the word out for you such as a friend or some of your other healer friends who love your work and would be all for helping you.
4. Remember to put a few limiters on the offernumber of gifts that you are offering to everyone and time expiration, that way you won’t be deluged with work that you aren’t being paid for in your true value.
5. Provide a gift certificate with the name of the offer (not the actual $ spent on the gift certificate, however you can put your regular value on the gift certificate) – something like Energy Booster Bodywork Session with Jane.
6. You must be ready to offer a package at the end of these sessions (this is the only way that you will be able to catapult the growth of your business in 2014!) Once you provide them a session…if you don’t have packages or haven’t been successful at selling your existing packages, you will want to jump on my
Jumpstart 2014: Packaging for Prosperity Program – it’s not too late! You can obtain all the recordings and handouts and join the FB group to get support from the community!

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