Stand in your worth: how to stop trading dollars for hours

This is the final piece to my blog post series where I have been addressing what to charge for your services. Here’s the deal – you can’t put a price tag on the results that your clients get because they … Continue reading

From trading, to being paid abundantly for your services as a gifted healer

I hear and see it all the time among my friends, my clients (mentees), and in many healing communities ─ healers often trade their services with another healer or another service provider. And yes, I must confess, that I have … Continue reading

Don’t Let Buyer’s REMORSE Stop You or Your Clients

This past week, I was contemplating how you are the culprit of your own success or failure. Unconsciously, you get in your own way of moving forward or making a shift happen that you want to see happen. I am guilty of … Continue reading