The Key to Unlocking that “Yes!”

It’s true ─ it’s crucial! Without this key component, you might as well kiss your sales success goodbye.  When I am consciously selling, I hardly ever put my offer on the table upfront for someone to buy. I mean, really, … Continue reading

Three Ways to Get Ideal Prospective Clients and Have Your Phone Ringing Off the Hook

Let’s face it ─ you can omm all you want and you can visualize too. God says, let there be light, and there is light. Yet, none of this seems to work for you. One of the things that I … Continue reading

Don’t Let Buyer’s REMORSE Stop You or Your Clients

This past week, I was contemplating how you are the culprit of your own success or failure. Unconsciously, you get in your own way of moving forward or making a shift happen that you want to see happen. I am guilty of … Continue reading