Six Tips to Stop Fear of Rejection in its Tracks

As part of our upcoming conversation about rejection and alternatives to fearing rejection in sales, check out this special post by my guest blogger and April Tea Topics with Tomasa guest…Penny Sampson, F.I.E.R.C.E. Leadership Life-Stylist

Tell me: what would it be like to live your life without being swallowed up by the concern or need to be liked and accepted, or to constantly please others? What if being yourself as you are – right here and now, flaws and all – was enough? Can you imagine the liberation? What you could accomplish, create, or do with your life?

The possibilities are limitless! The irony is, we know this; we’ve heard it before. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, and Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself – everyone else is already taken.” So why do we still continue to feel the stifling FEAR of rejection, the need to please others, and the desire to be what they want us to be, instead of being who we authentically are (quirks & blemishes included)?

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The #1 Fear of Sales and How to Turn It Around

Most people fear sales, and especially holistic practitioners! As a matter of fact, I would say this is the case for any heart-centered entrepreneur. Why do you think heart-centered business owners fear sales? Yes, you got it…they don’t want to be REJECTED. Do you like to be rejected? I know I don’t, which is why many of us heart-centered entrepreneurs sometimes take rejection very personally. More often than not, rejection conjures up feelings of self-doubt, fear, and inadequacy.

I’ve been consciously selling since 1988, whether it has been selling for a big corporation like Motorola or HP or for my own services and products, and I want you to know that I still feel a tinge of sadness when I get the big “No”, especially when I’ve invested my heart into helping someone. What I know is that when you reflect and get over receiving the answer “No,” you have the opportunity to evaluate why it was a No.

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How can you step up your value with dress?

Dressing for success is no joke.

Even when you are a holistic practitioner building a private practice, your dress matters. The truth is, people size you up the first thirty seconds they look at you. They look at your way of being, which includes your dress and how you talk. Let me ask you: is it with confidence, or are you unsure of yourself?

Today I want to address your dress. It’s at the forefront of my mind because recently I was making an assessment with one of my mentees about her current business and where she wants to go. I asked her what she charges and what she wants to charge. From this, I told her what she needs to be charging. Her responses carried a slight chasm within all of them. Then something in me came forth, and I asked her what she wears when she works on clients.

Her response: yoga pants.

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Hot, Sexy, and Ready for a Tumble

As part of an ongoing conversation about Mindset and Love for healing Cash Flow Woes, check out this special post by my guest blogger and March Tea Topics with Tomasa guest…Morgana Rae, International Wealth Coach

Morgana and Money after the 3rd date

Morgana and Money after the 3rd date

Why is imagining Money as a hot, sexy, super lover, so powerful? (We’re talking windfalls of hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars within hours of creating a new relationship. See examples at Making Money a best friend or doting grandparent or faerie or Oprah just doesn’t cut it…

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Heal Your Cash Flow Woes

As a healer, I find that we have a lot of our own healing to do, especially when it comes to our own money issues and how they are shaped by mindset and love (or lack thereof). What is the saying…“We help others with what we need to heal for ourselves.” I find that many healers project their own money issues onto their potential or existing clients by assuming that their clients don’t have the money to invest, or won’t find the services valuable enough to invest in their services for themselves.

Here is one thing I am sure of – clients seem to cough up enough money to do some pretty frivolous things: take an extravagant trip to some exotic place like the Greek Isles or to Hawaii (or maybe they own an airplane that needs some maintenance on it). So why not be proactive and encourage them to take care of the temple that they overwork, stress out and deplete of energy on a daily basis? And why not BE a part of that process? Here’s the truth – if they don’t maintain and take care of this body temple, it will no doubt break down just like brakes wear out on a car.

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Stand in your worth: how to stop trading dollars for hours

This is the final piece to my blog post series where I have been addressing what to charge for your services. Here’s the deal – you can’t put a price tag on the results that your clients get because they are priceless. When you alleviate their backache, this helps pull them out of their pain and in return, they are able to go to work and earn a living…and oh, let’s not say how it solves their irritable disposition in their relationships.

By helping them, their demeanor shifts and everything pops back into harmony and balance, and not to mention the renewal of energy they have once they are out of pain. So what kind of price tag do you put on all these intangible things?

I know it’s difficult. You are essentially helping someone get their life back when you help them solve a specific challenge. Note: I like to use the word ‘challenge’ because if we have a problem and label it, we are giving in to the label or disharmony itself, so I am going to use ‘challenge’…or better yet, project.

Do you see why charging under $100 per hour just isn’t you standing in your value? What would a person pay for years of therapy if they had to deal with the repercussions of their physical pain? Are you getting my drift?

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Aligning your Fees with your Soul as a Gifted Healer

Last week I dipped our toes in a bit about the mindset of trading, and how it keeps us from owning our true value and being able do some of the concrete things that we need to survive and thrive as human beings.

This week, I want you to look at how to get in touch with what your soul feels you should charge.

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From trading, to being paid abundantly for your services as a gifted healer

I hear and see it all the time among my friends, my clients (mentees), and in many healing communities ─ healers often trade their services with another healer or another service provider. And yes, I must confess, that I have been there and still go there from time to time. And then I have to remember to practice what I preach.

Don’t get me wrong…trading can be quite beneficial, but I want you to look at the mindset it suggests. It’s like a direct communication to the Universe: I want more trades because I am willing to trade my services. Does that ring true for you? Here’s are some hard-line questions for you, and I want you to answer them honestly.

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Walking Your Talk

Walking your talk is living on brand! Now that is authenticity.  

People signing up with you want to know that you are the real deal. They want to know that they can relate to you, but they also want to trust that they can count on you to bring them to the place they want to be (a.k.a. results). As a gifted healer, it is your job to not only show up with your gifts ─ it is your job to be YOU. Show you, the real you, not the person you think people want to see.

Ask yourself: what you tell your clients to do, do you practice it too?

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Collaboration is the key

I am having the time of my life collaborating with other heart-centered business owners!

In my four-part video series, I talk about how to eliminate competition. Plainly put, competition comes from a place of lack. Clients are attracted to practitioners who are a good match for them—period. Clients appreciate that you have resources for them. I send clients—past, present, and potential—to other practitioners who do similar things to what I do all the time. It may very well be that another practitioner is better suited for the challenge that they face. Knowing what your clients’ needs are and how best to support them, is where collaboration emerges.

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