My Story

SMALL-SPARKLE -PortraitHow I have morphed from The Self-Care Queen to Your Holistic Business Mentor

As The Self-Care Queen I have always been a sensible businesswoman, before and while running my business, the Self-Care Queendom (formerly Tomasa’s Healing Arts). I was a tenacious savvy salesperson with a heart, overachieving in Silicon Valley at some of the well-known technologically advanced companies such as HP, Motorola and Windriver (now Intel), and I had two toddlers in tow at the height of my career.

Essentially, I have been blending since I knew it was possible. I used to blend my tech skills (engineering degree from UC Berkeley, one of America’s top 5 engineering schools) with my no-nonsense business sales skills, and now I am blending my healing gifts with my highly developed business skills from my past life as a hi-tech salesperson and successful healing business owner of 16 years.

I attribute my success in being a thriving salesperson to stealthily sitting in the Divine Feminine Energy in a very masculine world. The example was always to lead from a place of masculine energy, but really, people just want to be heard. To be heard is to be acknowledged. It is to feel a connection and to be served from a place of offering a true resource, whether that is with you or someone else who might be a better fit for their needs. That is truly serving from the heart. When you do the right thing, things come back to you tenfold.

I feel that the business stuff is easy once you get out of your own way. We must always keep ourselves cleared to succeed in business—otherwise the brick wall hits you and you can’t move forward. One thing about business: you must thrive off of all the chaos. I remember that from my Motorola days…who was that author? Tom Peters. I want to equate much to Tony Robbins today. A bit different energy between the two, but you get the gist.

So I want to help you clear your blocks and step into your life’s true purpose with your business mojo, so that you can support the lifestyle of your dreams with True Prosperity! True Prosperity is not just about money; it’s about being well and whole in the body you have been given this lifetime, having loving, peaceful relationships that are in integrity and doing work that you love for a living while attracting all the abundance you want in your life.