Will You Birth with Ease or Effort?

by Alicia Nicole Waters

When it comes to birthing a business there are several dynamics that come into play just like the birthing of an actual baby.  There are several preparatory steps of planning and aligned positioning that have to take place in order for things to go as smooth as possible.

Though, we can’t control every factor of the process, we must make sure that we are ready to proceed and course correct along the way.

When it’s time for a new level of your business to launch, like a woman who is ready to give birth, we want to make sure that the process can one of ease and not a lot of effort. Though in the birthing process for delivering a child, it requires pushing and some level of pain even with anesthesia.  Often a woman’s labor experience will go as smooth as her preparation process during her pregnancy.

This involves how she took care of herself, enrolled support for before and after, along with practicing Lamaze will provide her with an experience that will assist her with birthing with ease.  With business it is the same, your business labor day of launching your new endeavors can be one of ease if you incorporate and apply some of the same basic principles named above.

You have to ask yourself the question…As a Business owner do I want to birth my business endeavors with ease or through effort?  If your ego believes that you must remain being a control freak/micro manager or subscribe to the paradigm of everything must be hard in order to achieve success, then you will find yourself grinding, hustling and trying to make things happen through a lot of massive action and effort instead of grace and ease.

Though birthing a new or next level of your business has it’s work cut out, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a long hard journey, especially when you’ve enrolled team and not stressed yourself along with implementing proper self-care.

So ask yourself the question:  “Do I desire to birth my business endeavors with ease or with effort?  There is no right or wrong answer, there’s only the power of choice.  Either way you will be able to successfully launch your business, however, it’s just a matter of determining whether you want your delivery process to be with ease or through hard work.


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