What is your Why?

Recently, I was asked this question by a seven-figure business coach. I’m so glad to report that I’m very clear about my WHY. If I didn’t know my Why, I wouldn’t be able to stand firm in my commitment with what I do.

This question comes at an opportune time as we just celebrated Christmas. I mean, what is Christmas all about anyway – it’s not all the commercialization that the retail industry has hyped it up to be. It’s about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who is our savior…savior of humankind. Why was Jesus born? To be an example of the potential of what it is to express in this God-given body that you are here to be. By the way, many will say it is about saving us from our sins.

On Christmas night, I watched a movie with my daughters, The Hot Flashes, very sweet of my daughters to have chosen this movie for their peri-menopausal mom, who has gotten her hot flashes under control. The significance of this story is that these 40-something women who used to play basketball together in high school, came together for a great cause—to raise money for breast cancer prevention. That was their Why of reuniting for a great cause.

Recently, I was on the phone with a potential joint venture partner and when we started to look at our progression plan, the question came up, Why are we doing this? I was clear, but my potential partner wasn’t quite there. I proposed the question, “What is your Why?” So I began to become real clear that it is important to ask my mentees or potential mentees, What is your Why? It’s important that you are clear about this so that you set your intentions. Also, if you have a Why, you tend to have the drive to do whatever it takes to achieve your Why. Essentially, you are on a mission. 

So I ask you, what is your Why? 

Mine is that I want there to be harmony and balance on Earth where essentially love rules everything, i.e. no war, no jealousy, no enemies, etc. By the way, as humans, when we go to these shadows, we can pull ourselves out fast, because we either have someone help us like a healer, or we have the tools because a healer has taught us the tools to do so. That’s why it’s so important for me to help healers be successful.

What is your Why? Tell me below in the comment section if you feel obliged to do so. There is no right or wrong answer.

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