The three R’s of dealing with negativity (a.k.a. shadows) in your life and in your business

Recently, I asked someone if they were willing to be interviewed on a topic I am writing my book about (which I’m not ready to reveal to the general public just yet). She declined. The problem is that she didn’t want to talk about the subject because, truth be told, she’s still got some healing to do around it.

Here’s what I know: when you can freely and openly talk about those shadowy parts of yourself, you have mastered a level of healing where you are no longer allowing SHAME to bind you.

Finding the Gift in the Shadows

I see this all the time—people aren’t willing to talk about their shadows for a number of reasons. Sometimes they feel that acknowledging their shadows is going to drag them down, is negative and unhelpful, or maybe it’s of a lower vibration and they only want to do things that keep them in a high vibration. Vibration comes from you and how you feel about things. If something makes you feel down or not so great, then there is some healing to do around that part of your journey.

Pushing down your shadows is like covering up a pile of crap that will eventually reveal itself with an (unpleasant) crescendo.

And what’s more, it will show up when you miss out on that specific relationship you want so badly because you haven’t done your inner work to retain it, or when you can’t manifest the funds you need to pay rent, because you haven’t done some forgiveness work (and it usually starts with forgiving yourself). Or perhaps, in not attracting the clients you want to have in an abundant business, because this pervasive thing you are holding onto unconsciously, is blocking you.

When working with shadows, here are some guidelines to help you shine the light:

RECOGNIZE your shadows

  • Be conscious about them; actively recognizing them will help you transform them into gifts. Being conscious of shadows also helps you take responsibility in and for your life. When you are aware of your shadows, you are less triggered by them when they come back for another layer of healing in a possible future situation.

REFLECT on how you have attracted such a thing in your life

  • Ask yourself…could it be a Karmic Debt that you are paying? Could it be a judgment you have about someone else that is showing up as a mirror for you? Is it something you are working out this lifetime that manifests from a past life? (You most definitely will need guidance from someone who knows how to work with past life regressions) Is it something from your childhood, that has come up to the surface for healing? Answering these questions will help you dig deeply & identify where your shadows come from.

REDEFINE your shadow as a gift

  • Because of your journey in this shadow, there is a lesson for you to learn. There is always a gift, and in this gift holds the high vibration that your soul yearns for. Embrace your shadow, because in this embracement comes the healing on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.

Your shadows are those energetic leaks that keep you from showing up fully present in this lifetime whether you are conscious or unconscious of them. Learn to love them, heal them, and transform them!

TM_cropped1692Tomasa Macapinlac is Your Holistic Business Mentor, who shows up with all of her gifts of healing, business, and technology to help you shine the light on your shadows so that you embody your blueprint of success in every fiber of your being as a holistic entrepreneur.

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