The Key to Unlocking that “Yes!”

It’s true ─ it’s crucial! Without this key component, you might as well kiss your sales success goodbye. 

When I am consciously selling, I hardly ever put my offer on the table upfront for someone to buy. I mean, really, it’s the last thing you do to get a Yes from a client. 

Selling is embedded in our everyday conversations, and sometimes the offer is delayed. 

There are five elements that I teach when selling, and one of them I used recently while connecting on the phone with a customer service representative from a major department store that got me a Yes to get a late charge removed from my bill. Was I selling myself to her? Most definitely! 

My secret weapon of success when selling is this: really recognizing a person for who they are and what they do. Let’s be clear ─ I’m not talking about complimenting. Complimenting is different. Compliments are all about the giver of the compliment and recognition is all about the receiver

You see, compliments are usually (subtly) about someone’s opinion of you, or what you are wearing, or how you look, etc. 

Recognition is really seeing the person for who they are. 

When I was selling to the customer service representative, I essentially recognized how she thoughtfully connected with me and how that isn’t always the case when you are dealing with customer service. I mentioned to her that it can be rare sometimes to experience such connection, especially when she took the time to look me up to see that I had been a loyal and great customer for thirty years, and that yes, I was right that I am almost never late paying a bill. She mirrored recognition to me as I mirrored to her the recognition of her exceptional customer service skills. 

When I got off the phone later, I mentioned to some of my friends what a pleasant experience I had had. 

I just shared with you how a person feels when they are recognized for who they are. Imagine that strong vibration your potential client feels when they are recognized for who they are and their way of being when you share this authentically…and trust me, they can feel when it is authentic and when you are simply trying to sell them something. 

So in one breath, I must tell you that you have to be detached from the results when you are recognizing someone for who they are. You have to trust that the soul knows and receives it, and all will manifest as it is, because there are other components of selling that have to be in the equation to really make all of this work. 

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