The #1 Mistake Holistic Practitioners Make When Talking About Their Signature Work

I’ve done it, and I bet you do it too! 

I get it – you’re an intelligent being, and you want people to know you’re intelligent because either you were vilified in a past life for being some type of healer, or today, especially in the United States, the work you do is considered woo woo, and to be honest, kind of out there. So when you talk with someone about what it is that you do, you use technical terms or modality jargon that the general public doesn’t get. 

When we talk with others about our work, we must break it down and use layman’s terms; we have to speak their language. Because let’s face it, when you speak in modality jargon, you might as well be speaking a foreign tongue.

Recently, I was at a networking meeting for healers. (By the way, it’s OK to speak your jargon at these events because most other holistic practitioners understand it, though I do think you should regularly practice how you talk about what you do so that it becomes automatic and easily rolls off your tongue.) I watched an acupuncturist make an offer to do facial structure acupuncture. As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I knew exactly what she was getting at. 

So I walked up to her and asked, “Would you like feedback on how to talk about what it is that you do?” She answered, “Yes, please!” I followed, “I get that you’re offering people acupuncture for face lifts, so why not just say that’s what you’re doing, or say acupuncture for anti-aging.” She was grateful to hear what I had to share. 

When you use your modality jargon, you alienate potential ideal clients from working with you because they can’t understand what you’re talking about, but when you break it down to the language they understand, you’re more likely to get them to say I want that, or I need that, or I know exactly who needs your help

I share this with you because I want to see you succeed. I want to help you draw in the people who really need or want your services but who may not know how to make that happen. 

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