The #1 Fear of Sales and How to Turn It Around

Most people fear sales, and especially holistic practitioners! As a matter of fact, I would say this is the case for any heart-centered entrepreneur. Why do you think heart-centered business owners fear sales? Yes, you got it…they don’t want to be REJECTED. Do you like to be rejected? I know I don’t, which is why many of us heart-centered entrepreneurs sometimes take rejection very personally. More often than not, rejection conjures up feelings of self-doubt, fear, and inadequacy.

I’ve been consciously selling since 1988, whether it has been selling for a big corporation like Motorola or HP or for my own services and products, and I want you to know that I still feel a tinge of sadness when I get the big “No”, especially when I’ve invested my heart into helping someone. What I know is that when you reflect and get over receiving the answer “No,” you have the opportunity to evaluate why it was a No.

Reasons why people say “No”:

      • I don’t know how to make it a Yes at this point
      • I can’t afford it, and I don’t know how to afford it at this point
      • It’s not Divine timing – the timing is off and it will happen later
      • I’m scared
      • The perceived value isn’t there
      • I don’t feel connected with you, and therefore I don’t want to invest
      • I don’t need or want your service or product, hence why it is a definite NO

Rejection is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

The curse is that as a human being who has emotions, you don’t want to hear the “No” and you take rejection personally. The blessing is that it gives you information, which is good. From here you can dive deeper and understand the No, or you can take it at face value. As a business mentor whose specialty is sales, I want to share with you how you can confront this #1 fear and turn it around for yourself.

First, stop taking the No’s as a rejection of YOU.

Until you have done all your homework and have really gotten to know the person inside out and connected with them like nobody’s business, you very well can’t take the No as a rejection of you. Perhaps the person has reasons why the No is a “No” – reasons that they are embarrassed to share with you. And honestly, if they haven’t deeply connected with you, they don’t feel comfortable sharing their vulnerabilities with you.

Secondly, many times “No” really translates to “Not right now.”

Maybe your potential ideal client doesn’t have the funds or cash flow to work with you in this moment. However, if you help them solve their cash flow issues, the client might change their mind. The way to turn this around is to intimately get to know this person. Most times you can avoid the No by simply putting all the issues on the table upfront and finding out from them directly the show stopper that would make them say No. This is you truly seeing what’s going on in their life. Perhaps you can help them problem solve before you even get to putting the offer on the table. When you learn to resolve these issues upfront, the No can be turned into a resounding Yes.

Thirdly, timing is key.

rejection-no's and yesRecently I had two of my ideal clients sign up with me for my VIP one-on-one Get Business Now mentorship. I’ll tell you – when I presented my offer in a class last year, one of them was interested but unsure. Nine months later, lo and behold, she has another conversation with me and made a decision to say yes after she took a thorough review of her finances. The other client was experiencing some grief issues at the time and needed space and time to process, and two weeks later, she said YES.


Healers, holistic practitioners, or whatever you call yourself in the realm of holistic medicine, are sensitive souls who need time and space to make a decision. I find that they need to consult with their spirit guides, or sometimes they need to have a certain feeling to say Yes.

Some souls are scared to make the leap of faith. Many of us have experienced this and yes, I say us because I know that I’ve been stuck in that place of fear…scared to make that leap of faith. These are the souls who really need help making decisions. Being in limbo is no fun! It’s almost like being in Hell: you want it but you can’t have it because your fear is holding you back. These are the ones who need your services the most. So how do you get them to say YES? This is when you come in to bridge the big chasm of where they are and where they want to be. Have them look at where they want to be and take them on a journey to engage all their senses to see, hear, feel, and know what it would look like for them. Then bring them back into their body where they presently are, and ask them what they really want for themselves.

Some people just don’t see the value of having your services in their spending plan. It doesn’t matter if they have a lot or a bit of money – the perceived value isn’t there. As a healer this is when you have to bring your left brain in the equation, because a lot of the healing that we do is beyond what shows up on the surface. You have to address how helping someone destress helps the person improve not just their efficiency, but their relationships because they are more present with their loved ones. So you have to look beyond the surface of the obvious results that you provide as a healer. We sometimes call this the transformational piece that you provide…it’s not so obvious.

fear of sales text

It is important for you to reconnect with people all the time, even if you have connected with them recently. People want to feel loved, and connecting with them to find out what’s going on in their lives is important – and you sharing yourself is equally important.

What I know as a holistic practitioner: the more I show my humility with clients, the better they get to know me and the more they fall in love with me. Yes, my clients want to know that I have the proper credentials and the ability to help them the way they want help, but they also need to feel like I am one of them and am just a few steps ahead because they see me as an authority in the work I do. Sometimes a “No” is a firm decision and you have to feel it out and know this is where the person is at. Any decision is a good decision because it pushes them to be clear about what it is they want or need at this moment in their life. If they are clear about it, that’s where you want them to be and not wavering all over the place. Clarity is a virtue.

Essentially, what I want you to have is clarity when you are using your non-salesy skills to help your potential clients get to a decision. Remember that a No probably has nothing to do with you. The more you clear this rejection piece in your life, the more you will stop attracting situations where you will have to look at this piece of rejection.

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