Symptoms: An Alternative Perspective

As part of our upcoming conversation about wellness, allergies, and the parts they play in business, check out this special post by my guest blogger and May Tea Topics with Tomasa guest…Dr. Jill Cohn, Chiropractor

allergyAs I help more people eliminate a wide variety of health symptoms, it has become clear to me that two people with the same symptoms may be reacting to different allergens, and need very different remedies. For example, patients suffering with a skin rash or eczema may be sensitive to dairy, wheat, other foods, household chemicals, prescription drugs, or an animal. While one person’s skin rash may look identical to that of another person, this does not mean that their suffering has the same cause or solution.

This may be confusing to people because the Western medical system is focused on the symptom containing the key to the correct remedy. While pharmaceutical drugs can certainly cause physiological changes to suppress a particular symptom, symptom suppression and healing are two different outcomes.


Symptom suppression through pharmaceutical drugs is NOT the same as healing.

To add to the confusion, the Western medical system creates names for diseases based on a set of symptoms. This implies that people with this “diagnosis” have a shared experience of exposure to the origin of the disease, the cycle of the symptoms, and are searching for the same remedy. Since people may respond very differently to a particular treatment, this is evidently not the case.

It seems that a symptom may reflect an individual’s health weakness. An asthma sufferer may develop tightness in breathing when stressed. Stress can be triggered by a variety of stimuli like foods, airborne particles, or even difficult circumstances. Nevertheless, one person may develop asthma when exposed to stress while another develops a skin rash and a third digestive symptom.

To learn more about how we retrain our bodies to respond normally to allergens and sensitivities, visit Dr. Jill’s website by going here.

The upcoming Tea Topics with Tomasa will feature Dr. Jill Cohn, who will be outlining how wellness and business are related and offering solutions for permanently eliminating allergies. Sign on here to join me for the interview on May 15 at 2p Pacific.

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