Jump Off the Rollercoaster Ride and Build a Sustainable Holistic Business of Value

You love what you do, but the money just seems to ebb and flow when it wants to.

You’ve done everything that you know possible to make it happen for you.

So, what’s next for you: get a J-O-B…or go for it and make your life’s purpose and passion work for you?

I see many holistic entrepreneurs trying to get clients all the time, but the problem is retaining those clients long term.

Here’s what I know, if you are of the service industry, your clients need you more than they realize. Just because you help them solve their problem on the surface, doesn’t mean that their problem is gone for good or that they don’t live their life fully. You see, we all are enrolled in this thing called life and what I know is that any day, at any time, someone can get triggered by things from their past (whether that is something from this lifetime or from some other lifetime).

What I know in my 18 years of practicing the Asian Bodywork/Healing Arts System along with Shamanic work of the Inca tradition, is that we all allow our unconscious to lead us on some level, and most of the time it is supercharged with emotions. They show up in your physical form, big time.

Those same emotions that you embody and need to constantly clear so that you can create what you want in your life…well, your clients have them too, and that’s why they need regular sessions.

A massage franchise had a great idea when they decided to have people sign up for a monthly wellness plan. Here’s what it did: it started to build a sustainable business model. Guess what? Self-Care Queendom (my bodywork/healing arts business) already had packages and programs in place with payment plans, but I took a look at the model and decided to make it work at a much higher value, so I added it to my Self-Care Queendom offerings.

Here’s why Self-Care Queendom soared and became sustainable:

    • Its model set up a steady monthly revenue stream that I could forecast because it was automatically billed every month with credit card payments.
    • Clients’ regular appointment schedules began to seamlessly fall into place, whether they were weekly, biweekly, or monthly clients.
    • Also, clients could see that their scheduled appointments kept them well and alleviated their physical and emotional rollercoaster ride, and guess what? Happy clients refer other people to you and send you their friends and family. How’s that for growing your community?

This is the model I help my holistic business mentorship clients envision and implement, so that they create a sustainable business that eliminates the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship and results in less emotional wear and tear.

If you are already successful at offering packages and programs your clients want, then you’re on track to learning how to incorporate such a monthly program in your business. If you aren’t finding your clients signing up for your services and prepaying for them on a regular basis, come check out my upcoming live one-day retreat for holistic entrepreneurs, Expand Your Client Base, Increase Your Profits happening September 28th from 10 AM to 6 PM in the San Francisco East Bay Area. Find out more about the retreat here.

In this live one-day retreat, we will start with the most important ingredient of creating anything, your mindset and clearing it of any shadows that get in the way of you envisioning and creating success. Plus, we will dive into the necessary, concrete steps to get you started in putting the infrastructure in place to build a healthy and sustainable business model where ultimately, you contribute to the world by being much more balanced and in harmony. Can’t make it, no problem, consider applying for a Proliferate your Profits POW WOW with me by clicking here.

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