Hot, Sexy, and Ready for a Tumble

As part of an ongoing conversation about Mindset and Love for healing Cash Flow Woes, check out this special post by my guest blogger and March Tea Topics with Tomasa guest…Morgana Rae, International Wealth Coach

Morgana and Money after the 3rd date

Morgana and Money after the 3rd date

Why is imagining Money as a hot, sexy, super lover, so powerful? (We’re talking windfalls of hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars within hours of creating a new relationship. See examples at Making Money a best friend or doting grandparent or faerie or Oprah just doesn’t cut it…

      • The stakes are higher when sex is involved. It’s in our DNA. Grandma’s house or a slumber party with Angelina Jolie? You decide.
      • The relationship is more equal: our lover wants reciprocation. Everybody thinks, “What has Money done for me lately?” Not many people ask, “How can I make Money happy?” It’s a world of difference and the key to dramatic results.
      • A man will do ANYTHING to win the woman he loves. Just watch a guy drunk dial.
      • Ditto for women.

Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich,” figured this out. He wrote his chapter on the Mystery of Sex Transmutation. Most people don’t understand that chapter, but Napoleon Hill got it right. Sex Transmutation is the foundation of a truly profound change in your relationship with Money.

He rated the ten great motivators of human behavior from the “highest rates of vibration” to the lowest:

  1. The desire for sex expression. (That’s us!)
  2. Love.
  3. A burning desire for fame, power, financial gain, money.
  4. Music. (This one surprised me. When you think about it, music works on a deeper level than the conscious mind.)
  5. Friendship.
  6. A Master Mind alliance.
  7. Mutual suffering.
  8. Autosuggestion.
  9. Fear.
  10. Addiction.

Napoleon writes, “The emotion of sex is, by great odds, the most powerful and intense of all mind stimuli.”

We spend most of our time in our heads, and that works great…up to a point. We spend a little bit of time in our hearts, and perhaps we get truer information there. Real action and attraction come from the groin. That fluffy faery crown chakra stuff is all well and good, but creation comes from sex. You won’t feel anything stronger or deeper…so to speak.

PS: I’ve had a couple of clients try to create a new relationship with Money by imagining Money as a unicorn. Not a good idea. The results were miserable. You can’t **** a unicorn.

The upcoming Tea Topics with Tomasa will feature Morgana Rae, who will be sharing more about how to make it with Money and the role you play in making Money Fall in Love with You. Sign on here to jump in on the interview and play your part in our community!

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