From trading, to being paid abundantly for your services as a gifted healer

I hear and see it all the time among my friends, my clients (mentees), and in many healing communities ─ healers often trade their services with another healer or another service provider. And yes, I must confess, that I have been there and still go there from time to time. And then I have to remember to practice what I preach.

Don’t get me wrong…trading can be quite beneficial, but I want you to look at the mindset it suggests. It’s like a direct communication to the Universe: I want more trades because I am willing to trade my services. Does that ring true for you? Here’s are some hard-line questions for you, and I want you to answer them honestly.

      • Does trading allow you to pay your bills?
      • Does trading allow you to pay for your living expenses?
      • Does trading allow you to put food on your table?
      • Does trading allow you to put clothes on your back?
      • Does trading allow you to travel?
      • Does trading allow you to feel abundant, or does it come from a lack of funds mentality?

Whenever I was first learning a new modality, I was lucky to have recipients who I got to practice on. I didn’t need money at the time because I had a full-time J-O-B. I was interested in experiential learning, and I had willing friends and family who were interested in being my lab experiments. Lucky ones, might I add. One day, not one but two of my friends and co-workers, wanted to pay me in exchange for the work I had done on them. I refused them. When I told my healing arts practitioner at the time what had happened (she was sort of informally mentoring me), she said, “Tomasa, it’s the Universe telling you that it is time to get paid.” How could this be? I was just one class shy of finishing up my initial healing arts certification for the very first modality that I learned.

tomasa healing session

So I began to take love donations as I finished up my certification and when I rented space, I let all the people who I had been working on know that if they wanted to continue to work with me, I was now officially in business and had set up fees and an office where they could receive my treatments. I did this by sending out formal emails, and by word-of-mouth. At that time, the internet wasn’t running rampant, so I also sent out formal letters via snail mail.

That was the start of me opening my doors. Today we have so many ways of communicating with others…social media, email, text messages, telephone. However, after being in business for 17 years (this month is my anniversary), I have finally reached the fees of what I am worth. Truthfully, if you help clients get more than the results they originally signed up for, is the price they pay really valued there? Probably not. However, you must set some price point because this is the way we do business, and so charging what you are worth becomes a challenge as you set up your business.

Sometimes you have to play with what you are willing to ask for, and see what folks are willing to pay. If they come in droves, then you are probably charging the right price. If they come in dribbles, then you are most likely not charging what you are worth, or perhaps your way of being is not congruent with the price that you are charging. How you BE, will determine your fees…how you dress, and how you carry yourself. Not to mention, all of this must be the authentic you. So what will you charge initially?

Stay tuned for my blog post next week on the different ways to esoterically determine what to charge!

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From trading, to being paid abundantly for your services as a gifted healer — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting 5 questions…the first 4 are definite uses for earning money. The 5th question, does trading allow you to feel good about yourself…the tricky part is that
    an implication of this could be that one needs to make money to feel good about oneself, or that it is that aspect that is primary for feeling good about oneself. I think
    that it’s truly helping others that allows one to feel good about oneself (and of course, you do that in spades)…whether or not money is involved…(IMHO)….would be interested to hear more of course!

    • Trudy, I must admit at the first look of this draft of my blog post….I didn’t like the sound of does trading make you feel good about yourself. So I have edited the blog to reflect the point that I am driving home that I see among my healing communities – friends and mentees….this need to offer trades because a) you don’t think the person can afford to pay you b) let’s offer a trade so I don’t have to pay the other person c) there’s something going on the inside with me that I am not consciously aware of that makes me automatically offer up a trade.

      I truly believe that we have to be conscious of our behavior and be OK with asking for money for our services if we truly want to have a healing business. If it is a hobby, then trading is OK all day long. Thank you for posting your comment and I’ll be sharing more on how to value yourself as healer in the next few weeks since it seems to be the subject that most healers wanted help on when completing my survey.

  2. I’m so with you Tomasa. For me, trading inflicts a sense of guilt and resentment. Because no one ever feels the trade is fair. (Even if they say it is). If I have a service that’s valued at $200, and takes me an hour – and I trade with some a service that costs $50 and also takes them an hour – do we trade based on monetary value or hours?! Either way someone (or both) will feel resentment. Let’s just all get evolved about this and pay money for things – because money is actually a sign of evolution contrary to what some people think! Not only that, but how many times have we traded for something we actually would NEVER pay money for? This results in all sorts of odd trades lol. I love that you shared this. YOU are so bold!

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