Are you part of the culture of scarcity?

As part of our upcoming conversation about shifting your relationship with money, here is a glimpse of what my August Tea Topics with Tomasa guest will be exploring…check out the guest post below by Johanna Lyman, CEO of Opening Pandora’s Box

In this week’s Story of Truth and Hope, it’s coming down on the side of Truth.

moneythumbIt is time for us to collectively say NO to our culture of scarcity. You know me – I’ve been teaching that we live in an abundant universe for over a decade now, and it’s high time we started acting like it.

In this week’s video, Lynne Twist talks about the 3 toxic myths of our scarcity culture. It’s powerful stuff, and as you might imagine, I’ve got a thing or two to say about it. It’s well worth the 8:44 of your time.

Lynne Twist on the culture of scarcity:

To recap (and add my two cents), the 3 toxic myths are:

  1. Not Enough.
    There’s not enough, it’s not enough, and inevitably: I’m 
    not enough. Years ago, I coined an acronym for NEGAtive thinking: it stands for NotEnough(to)GOAround. The problem with this myth is that it’s a zero-sum game. Someone has to lose in order for you to win. Someone will be left out, and you (we) spend a ton of energy trying to ensure that the someone is not you. My solution: change the paradigm to Both/And. Create a bigger pie. Keep asking “what if” until you come up with a solution where everyone wins. Remember: we live in an abundant universe. Grass doesn’t “try” to grow, flowers don’t “try” to bloom. They just do their thing. So can we, if we get out of our own way.

  2. More is Better.
    This is at the core of our consumer economy. The reason this myth is toxic is because it is, as Twist says, “an unconscious, unexamined assumption.” Sometimes, perhaps more IS better, but most of the time, we compulsively collect more in a desperate attempt to fill the hole of not enough. My solution: If you really want more, try to get more connection, more laughter, more love. At the end of the day, you still can’t take it with you, but nobody on their deathbed ever complained they’d had too much love or laughter.

  3. That’s Just the Way It Is.
    I’m depressed from just typing that sentence. That myth is toxic, not only because it’s unconscious and unexamined, but because it leaves us disappointed and hopeless. “You can’t fight the system,” until you do. My solution: question everything. We have to be the change we want to see, my friend. We can’t wait around for someone else to fix things for us. And that has to start with you. Abundance is an inside job. It has nothing to do with your bank account, your income, or your assets. It’s a mindset, nothing more (or less). The trick is that if you don’t like your mindset, you have the power to change it. You just have to actually do it.

Want more from Johanna? Tune in for Tea Topics on August 21st at 2pm PT, where she will be taking us through her signature system, The Five Sacred Archetypes, with a special emphasis on the Money Archetype (grab your complimentary pass here to access the interview).

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