Valuing Yourself as a Healer with Friends & Family

your empty boardI want to drive home this value in what you provide as a person…as a healer.  So it’s come up how others – specifically friends and family view you when they want to seek advice or healing from you.  Yes, we walk a thin line when we are providing assistance to our loved ones.  So here’s my rule of thumb …it might sound cold, but I want you to really value yourself and sometimes it means that we must seek value from those who we are closest to…our friends and family.

You must charge your friends and family for the sessions that you give them UNLESS you are giving them a GIFT.  Here’s a reality check…if they were going to a stranger would they pay them?  The answer is YES!  So why wouldn’t they pay a loved one who’s livelihood is based on healing?

Let’s get back to defining a GIFT.   When you gift someone a session, be sure to give them something tangible like a GIFT certificate so that they understand the difference between a GIFTED session versus a PAID session.  When they see you for the session, make sure they redeem the GIFT certificate at the session. I have to admit that I’ve had a sibling try to re-use a GIFT certificate several times, because she never brought her tangible gift certificate to the session.  Luckily, I keep track of all my gift certificates. My general RULE of THUMB is to give family members on occasion a GIFT certificate to my services as Birthday, Thank You and sometimes Holiday gifts, only if I know that family member values my services. Remember to put the VALUE of the session on the certificate so that they understand what they are receiving.

Next…what do you charge these loved ones?  Is it a special friends and family rate or is it a regular rate?  I say regular rate…would they pay someone else the regular rate?  Remember this is your livelihood we are talking about and you VALUING what would they pay the stranger for a session?

Honestly, my session prices have come into alignment with the value of where I stand so I just don’t really do sessions with friends and family unless I am GIFTING them a session.

Advice….I’ll Ieave it up to you how you want to handle that.  I generally will give advice as long as it doesn’t take up too much of my time.  What is too much of my time?  Well that is more than a half hour of my time.  Truth is that family members who come from abundance consciousness will appreciate the information you share as an expert and will repay you with a meal or some type of thank you gift.

By the way, let’s be clear on what family members you are charging because your children and spouse clearly aren’t included if it’s coming from the same bank.  However, find some way to have an equal energy exchange with them.  This is you VALUING YOURSELF, TRULY!

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