Stop giving away the Best of YOU next to NOTHING!

ValueI scream this from the top of my lungs not only to you, but to myself. “STOP GIVING AWAY THE BEST OF YOU NEXT TO NOTHING!”  I remember about 5 years ago, how shocked I was after I discovered that I had been giving the best of me (my precious one-on-one time) to my clients next to nothing.  I raised my fees and got rid of my sliding scale and my clientele shifted.  Every time I raise my fees, my clientele shifts, but I still have a group of clients who are loyal and it seems that they will stay with me until I close my doors or they make their transition.  Actually, when I raise my rates now, they ask me if I am going to stay in business because they feel me morphing into something new.  I, torn to not serve them anymore and move fully into business mentoring always tell them, “I don’t know what’s coming up, but I am committed to you as long as I have you on my schedule.”  That is the truth. I have some clients booked out until 2014.  Truth is I don’t know if I will ever be able to stop putting my healing hands on folks…so I’m always looking for a solution to help transition my clients.  I think it will always just be a VIP thing.

Raising your rates can be scary because you don’t know if you are going to lose clients or gain new ones.  It’s like you have to shapeshift into this person who is charging these fees. Honestly, hourly rates are really out of style these days.  I charge by the session, because really it is the results that your clients are seeking.  Are you able to deliver the results that they want?  Besides the results, what is the transformation that they are receiving?  You know that once they improve some physical pain or  their energy, it will improve their whole demeanor and emotional outlook, thus creating more harmonious relationships, the mobility to do things that they haven’t done in a while and a better outlook on life.  Whoa!  I said a lot there!

The key to charging more is to deliver results that are beyond what they come for and helping them have more happiness in their lives.   Also, what is your client’s worth? …because truly this value goes both ways.  How much do they want to invest in themselves so that they feel better mentally, emotionally and physically?  What’s it worth to them?   When someone is haggling you over your fees, they aren’t necessarily looking for quality work, they are looking for the best bargain.  However, you can transform their thinking to look at quality instead of quantity. I had someone contact me recently to inquire about my work, basically a consultation.  Normally I charge $97 just for 45 minutes of consultation.  Somehow, I decided against my best judgement to not do it this time.  Well, I wish I had follow my normal protocol and set my fee for consultation up front, because when I met the person, he really was interested in selling me insurance rather than my healing services. Plus, when I shared my fees with him at the end of the meeting, he balked.  He wanted me to come down on my fees and I stood in my value and said this is my fee and honestly, everyone I see is serious about their health and well being and are on packages with me.  If you’d like to get a better value, you can work with me on a package.  This was a time for me to go inward, know and see my value as stood firm on my offer to him.  I firmly told him, “I don’t negotiate my fees, they are set here and honestly I have clients who are willing to pay me my worth and it would be unfair to offer you a different fee than I offer clients who are loyal to me…some for decades.  If you wish to learn how to work on yourself, maybe that would be better suited for you.”

Hmmm….this is when we get into leveraging ourselves, because then can we allow ourselves to teach people on the laymen level how to work on themselves.  Now that’s even more value, but when you can do that in a group you can charge less and you are giving them a different kind of investment in themselves.  So what’s your value? Can you think outside the box, charge more for your one-on-one time and offer a group class so that those who don’t want to invest in themselves at the one-one-one level, can learn how to work on themselves at an introductory level.  Now that’s opening new doors of prosperity possibilities to you healers out there.  What’s even better is when you can share your gifts with the world beyond the locality of your healing practice!  Something to ponder until my next blog…

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