The Personal Touch

Everyone loves to feel connected….even when it comes to business relationships. Being a healer, sometimes we forget to correspond to others not because we don’t want to, but if our practice is full, we don’t see how we can do one more thing. If your practice isn’t full it can be easier to do this. I have mentioned that it is important to set aside a day or some time where you do administrative work, which includes marketing. Part of marketing is keeping in touch with your peeps. You want them to come back, don’t you? So the way to keep in touch with your peeps is to write useful articles, put out a regular newsletter (you can determine the frequency), blog, and my favorite is to actually call and check-in with them. You might feel like it appears as a nuisance or slimy and don’t want to make the call, but believe me a call adds a personal touch. Sometimes, your clients get busy just like you and they have been thinking about calling you but it’s just one more thing on their list. 

I have learned that when a client comes to mind, it is a sign from the Universe that I need to call them. A phone call goes a long way. It adds a personal touch and makes them feel special because they know how busy you are. Now this isn’t for everyone, so know who you need to include. As a healer, one of the qualities is that we are empathic so we can sense when it is right to call that special client or if that client isn’t so special. 

humantouch3One of my most memorable stories that I like to share is that when I was working in the hi-tech world for Motorola at the time. I used to see a chiropractor all the time (I do now because I share an office with some). However, the very first time that I saw Dr. Pierce D.C. he called me the same day of the treatment to check-in with me to see how I was doing. I remember how I felt very special that this man who is busy with his patients had the time to call and check in with me after my first treatment with him. He wanted to make sure that everything was OK and if I had any questions or was feeling weird or anything. That was priceless for me and certainly bought my loyalty to him. So you bet believe that when I started my healing arts practice, I carried that same practice of checking in with my clients to see how they are doing. 

So often we skip the phone call, we email or text. Sometimes an old-fashioned touch really keeps us connected. Connection matters more than anything. I pride the practice that I have built over the last 16 years on the relationships that I have built with my clients. One day I thought it would be fun to look and see how long some of my clients have been seeing me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it was true, one of my clients had been seeing me for 13 years. I appreciate that client because he has helped me keep my doors open for the long haul and supported me on the journey as a healing arts practitioner.

Do you have a practice of loyal clients who have been seeing you for a long time and they often refer people to you? How would you like to not have your practice be a revolving door of new clients but to be a stable practice where you can count on loyal clients to show up, great referrals, and income to support you creating the life that you want? Stay in touch and follow my blog for the upcoming tele-class in November – The 5 Steps to Creating a Loyal Clientele.

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