The Mindset of Trading Versus Paying

I see it all the time in the healing business…we tend to trade our services for some other service in exchange or barteringwe trade with another healer.  Eventually, you end up being the Trading King or Queen.  Not what you signed up for!  How are you going to buy that organic food that you value in supporting your nutrition needs?  How are you going to pay for your rent even if it is a room that you might be renting from someone or sharing with a roommate?  How are you going to put fuel in your car that you need to maintain so you can run the errands that you need to and perhaps do some of those outcalls?  How are you going to have any FUN in your life so you can have that work – balance act even if you own your own business?  How are you going to SUPPORT yourself financially if all you do is TRADE…or if most of your schedule is consumed with TRADES?

I want you think about what it means when you TRADE all the time.  Not only how it affects you financially but what message are you sending out to the Universe, God, Life Force Energy, whatever you want to call this thing bigger than this human body that our soul resides.  Here’s the deal…if you don’t pay for the work that you receive and instead trade it, then the Universe will send you more trades instead of more paying clients.  Personally, I have been paying for weekly Asian Bodywork sessions over the last decade because it is me saying I value the work that I do and therefore I am paying my mentors for his/her services.  The results: It has come back to me tenfold!

Now is the next question…What to do when someone wants to trade you for your services for some another service that isn’t bodywork … here we go.  Only trade if you would actually purchase those services and you are totally OK with trading.  Make sure you keep track of the trading so that apples to apples are traded.

I was willing trade my bodywork services for housecleaning services at one time only because it was something that I was willing to pay for and it was worth the value to me.  Now when others want to trade their healing or massage services with me…I don’t trade.  I will pay if I’m interested in the healing work.  For instance I had an intuitive astrologer who used a gift certificate from a friend for my Asian Bodywork Services a few years back.  When she got on the table, she wanted to read me and I told her to stop and that I would be happy to book a session with her and pay her for her services.  This is me valuing someone’s healing services…guess what message that sends out to the Universe.  Yes, it sends a deep message saying I value this healer therefore I am valued as well.  Besides, we all are ONE so why not?

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