The importance of self-care for all healers, holistic practitioners, heart-centered biz owners

Self-care is my soapbox. Has always and will always be a part of me. 

It is deeply ingrained that I want to make sure that you get how important it is for you. Not to mention that it is something that I am always working on expanding and taking it up a notch or even deeper.

Recently, I had an encounter with someone I’ve known a long time in my life from my high school days (that’s over 30 years) who is a hypnotherapist/intuitive medium. That’s considered a healer, right? Well healers need healing, and you need constant clearing so that you can be there for your peeps and your loved ones, but really, the number one person you need to be there for is YOU. The truth is that if you can’t be there for you, then you really can’t come from this place of LOVE for your peeps.

When I had an encounter with this person, she proceeded to take her life out on me with her ranting about her life and projection of her own unhappiness. Later, I found a posting on Facebook about how she rarely receives an intuitive reading and she had just received one. Bingo. I smell the culprit of her projection and ranting—no self-care. Honestly, I had my own self-care to do after that encounter. Apparently, my inner baby was upset not because of her (but she did trigger me) but because I hadn’t given her some nurturing attention since I was in marketing launch mode. It’s funny that when there’s something that you really need, the mirror shows up in your life and you receive it if you are open to it. 

That’s when I called my shaman girlfriend and I said, “That’s it, I need a shamanic session in 24 hours.” To my dismay, she really wasn’t available, so I went to my back-up plan—call my Angel Healer Practitioner. Don’t get me wrong, I get bodywork and energy healing sessions on a regular weekly basis, but sometimes I need to process through some stuff more deeply.

Self-care is so much deeper than going to get a massage. 

It is about you creating order and beauty in your life. It is about you enjoying solitude for yourself. It is about you being in integrity with yourself. It is about you being able to remain calm in the eye of the storm of chaos in your life and if you can’t, then you know that it is a CRY for help. It is about you really taking care of all parts of yourself. It is about you TRULY loving yourself. It is not self-absorbed, self-promoting or even selfish. It is about the oneness of LOVE…Loving yourself enough to want to take care of all parts of yourself, even the parts that you might be ashamed of. Because the truth is, that when you love yourself, it’s easy to love others! What is that song, I Love Myself the Way I Am?

As we approach the holiday season, it is even more imperative that you provide self-care to yourself. This is the time of the year (winter time), where in all the chaos of the holiday buzz, our bodies on a mental-emotional level just really want to go quietly within. It is an opportune time to take advantage of the Divine Downloads that are coming to you. Like the plants, the trees, the animals, and nature in general, your soul just wants to sit in the stillness. How will you allow this in your life at such a time of chaos and busyness…the holiday season? Even when holiday season isn’t around, how much self-care do you practice yourself?

This is the one thing that you can’t afford to skimp on because the minute your health and wellness go down, running your business can become a serious burden and it needs you to be on the up and up. Where do you need to step up your self-care? 

This month, I am celebrating the 12 days of Christmas by offering any and everyone on my Self-Care Queendom Facebook page a daily tip on self-care for 12 days. 

And if you would like to step your self-care up a notch, come over and join the self-care love fest on the Self-Care during the Holidays Facebook Group. I will also be sharing these tips and more if you are on the Self-Care Queendom email list.

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The importance of self-care for all healers, holistic practitioners, heart-centered biz owners — 7 Comments

  1. “The truth is that if you can’t be there for you, then you really can’t come from this place of LOVE for your peeps.” THis really is the bottom line isn’t it!! I’ve known so many healers, teachers, etc., even my own mentors, who don’t practice this and it becomes very obvious that their practice isn’t sustainable. If we want to be able to do our soul’s work, we have to take care of ourselves FIRST! Love this post, Tomasa!

  2. Wonderful article Tomasa 🙂 This was timely for me as I too am in the midst of “launch Mode”. Trying to be ALL things for ALL people once again, single Momming it, doing all that I can to be available for my girls, my Clients, my Marketing, my Creating, my blogging, my groups etc etc and yesterday I hit breaking point. My spouse was invited to NY for a private funeral for a fellow musician, very prestigious, there will be many of the Elite in attendance and it was an honor to have been invited. However this means, that after his tour finishes up for the holidays on the 15th, he will head back to NY for the 15-17…a few days that I was counting on for assistance. I still have to do shopping and baking…You know how it is. None the less, I had originally said “sure go” when I really needed to say “I would prefer You stay as I really could use the support”…I blew up yesterday when flights were confirmed and projected “my stuff” on him. Like somehow he should have realized when I said “I have XYZJWRTNM to DO and that I am very very behind” That I could use his help here. He is NOT the type of man to be able to “make those hard decisions” as he has spent his life as “Peter Pan” doing what he wants when he wants or when he is called to do so…With him, I need to STATE it in Black and White leaving no room for interpretation or need for thought on his part. So for 2014 my commitment to ME is that Boundaries and My NEEDS are going to be front and center so that I don’t continue to find myself “resentful” and depleted. Asking for help and self-care have never been my strong suits. Figuring it out, moving mountains and making things happen in the face of adversity IS. Time for a shift to more ease for me 🙂 Thank you for the fab post! xo

  3. Hey Tomasa,
    These are great words of wisdom. I love that you spell out your sense of what self care really is… integrity with yourself…myself so that I am able to respond and not react. i love how connected you are to all the things that really help me process and more forward. This is a great reminder to get it all going now!! Your choice to do the 12 tips for the 12 days of Christmas is brilliant! I love it. Thanks for all the great self love tips in this post now. xoxo, K

  4. Hello Beautiful Tomasa, I wasn’t sure all those years ago how it was you put me on your email list of facebook people. You had been the organizer for a Mary class that I had gone to and to tell you the truth for many years I haven’t even had the ability to be on line. We really got wiped out in the bay area financial crisis, so to come back and find you with the wisdom that I espoused in those earlier years has been a blessing. Thankyou for sharing, for reaching out and being there. I look forward to more. xtra blessings for a Happy Holiday, love Suzette

    • Awww Suzette…I have to admit, I felt very honored to see you on one of my tele-seminars last month. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. <3

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