Are you shaking in your boots about having a sales conversation with a potential client?

When I mention the word “sales”, how does that make you feel?

Many heart-centered business owners, especially healers, want to run the other way. What if I told you that every conversation you have is a sales conversationSales is a life skill. We are constantly selling our ideas and things that we want in our life. Sales is built off of relationships.

Sometimes, we might not be conscious about it, but it really is how you show up in relationship with whomever is the potential buyer. Are you likable & approachable? Do they trust you enough to do business with you? Do you allow them in to get to know you?

know like trust factorThink to when you are about to make a major purchase: what factors do you look at? I would bet that you are unconsciously paying attention to the Know, Like, and Trust Factor. How about service? We all want great service! One of the things that have hit home to me recently, is how you feel when people acknowledge you. How do you feel when someone acknowledges you? Do you feel heard?

So I have a question for you: when you feel acknowledged and heard, are you willing to share more of yourself with others on a deeper level? 

Someone who is really great at sales always acknowledges people where they are. It’s like saying, I hear you, I see you, and I’m acknowledging you. By the same token, always acknowledge where people want to go.

When I talk about sales this way, is this an easier way to work with sales conversations? I’m interested in hearing from you! Please leave your comments below and share your ideas about sales and how you are either comfortable or uncomfortable with it, and in what ways you would like to have more ease and grace around it.

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